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eXp Realty

Jesse Grathoff

Realtor, License # 344656, 120509

Smarty (John Smart)

Realtor, License # RS348336

[Online] Rent to Own Bootcamp

 Learn about the programs, how to qualify and how the process works

About This Webinar

Buying a home will most likely be the biggest financial investment you'll make in your entire life.

Not everyone is ready to buy now due to credit or lack of savings, so… we'll buy it for you! You can rent it from us while you get ready for a mortgage.

Your Dedicated Coach will work with you on your credit. Part of your rent will go towards your down payment fund and as soon as you are mortgage-ready, you'll buy your dream home back from us with money already down!

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Meet the Webinar Hosts

As experts in all things Rent-to-Own, Smarty and Jesse specialize in helping families get approved and find the perfect home to rent before they own it. Our clients don’t hire us - they PARTNER WITH us. Armed with knowledge, our team will walk with you through the process and act as your constant resource, guiding the ins-and-outs so you can relax and feel confident. We are truly here to help.


Jesse Grathoff

License # 344656, 120509

Realtor, Army Vet, Family Guy


Smarty (John Smart)

License # RS348336

Realtor, Technologist, Family Guy

We make it easy to empower yourself and take the next step toward financial stability

We will buy your dream home while you prepare for your mortgage

Katie's Story

While recovering from her recent divorce, Katie needed a stable home keeping her 3 daughters in their schools. We helped her find a home in the neighborhood she wanted to establish her future. After just two years, she purchased the home for $240k. 6 years later, Katie’s still living in her home with her daughters, and her home is now worth over $350k!

Pete & Jill's Story

Pete & Jill were looking to sell their existing home, cash-out, and take advantage of the housing market. They decided after selling their home they would rent for a couple of years and buy once the market turns. We listed their home for $525k and received multiple offers the first week and three weeks later, they sold their home for $572k, well over asking price! Once the home was sold, they were approved through our rental program. We helped them find a beautiful new home in an awesome neighborhood with great upgrades and finishes.

We have helped thousands of families secure their housing future.






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