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Follow these simple steps to get started:

Forget about blind, best, and final offers. With HomeOffersEZ, transparency is key.

We've eliminated the paperwork headache typically associated with offer submissions. Paperwork only comes into play once your offer is accepted.

We recommends Agents use the HomeOffersEZ App for their buyers.
If you are not represented by an agent, an investor, or cash buyer, you can use our App to make offers.

Available on both iOS and Android, the HomeOffersEZ app simplifies everything. Add your buyers, upload their approval documents, and start making offers - all in one place.

Download the App:

HomeOffersEZ is available on both iOS and Android devices. Visit the App Store or Google Play Store to download and install the app on your smartphone.

Create an Account:

Once you've downloaded the app, create your account by providing your contact information.
This will allow you to access all the features of HomeOffersEZ and make offers on homes hassle-free.

Add Buyers with Their Approval Docs:

Before you can make the offer, you need to upload the buyers pre-approval or proof-of-fund. HomeOffersEZ makes it easy.

Take a picture of their document and click to upload it.

Explore Listings:

Browse through our listings to find homes that match your criteria. You can find your listing based on an easy location search or MLS Number

Make Offers:

When you find a home you're interested in, simply click on it to view more details and submit your offer directly through the app. With HomeOffersEZ, there's no need for paperwork – just submit your offer with a few taps on your device.

Stay Informed:

Receive text notifications for new and updates on offers submitted by others. With complete transparency, you'll always know how many offers have been submitted and what the highest offer is.

Close the Deal:

Once your offer is accepted, work with the seller’s agent to finalize the paperwork and close the deal. HomeOffersEZ makes the home buying process simple and stress-free.

Experience the convenience of making offers on homes with HomeOffersEZ. Download the app today and start making your offers!


To get access to the offer area on the HomeOffersEZ mobile app, you must either supply proof of funds if paying in cash OR submit a fully underwritten loan approval letter from a Mortgage Lender

By downloading and using our HomeOffersEZ App process, you agree to accept AND you understand the Terms and Conditions of the offer process on our website.

Registration and documents are due no later than the Documents Due Date/Time specified on the property details page in the HomeOffersEZ mobile app.

You will not be able to make offers for the home in the HomeOfferEZ app until we confirm and approved your funding documents.

You can get the loan approval started HERE

We also STRONGLY encourage you or your agent to login to the HomeOffersEZ App prior to the end of the offer period on the property you wish to offer on. It is IMPORTANT to understand the steps and functionality needed to place your offer.

Reach out to our team if you have any questions.

Get started by downloading the HomeOffersEZ app now!

Working with a licensed Real Estate Agent is preferred. Upon winning the offer, a signed contract prepared by a Licensed Agent must be submitted within 24 hours after the winning offer along with the appropriate state disclosure docs and contingencies.

A licensed Real Estate Agent must prepare those documents and initiate the process.

Each property listed on the HomeOffersEZ App will offer different terms, conditions and may have buyers premium, so be sure to research the property and all of the details on the property offer page.

Our agents are experts in this process and can guide you through the entire offer process from beginning to end and answer all of your questions. We can also explain the financial benefits of working with us

Terms You Should Know

Buyer Premium

What is the “Buyers Premium” – Using the HomeOffersEZ process,
the seller may elect to have the buyers commission paid in the form of a “Buyer’s Premium”. Buyer’s Premium is calculated based on the “Final/Highest Offer Price (not the Final Sales Price).

If elected by the seller, the final sales price is calculated in the following manner:

Highest Offer + Agent Compensation = Final Sales Price.

This is the MOST transparent way for a seller to offer the lowest price on their home and still compensate the real estate agents who conduct and close the transaction.


Property will be available for offers only up to the HomeOffersEZ Offer End Date/Time

Buyers must be approved for offering manually by the seller or seller’s agent.

Sellers reserve the right to accept, negotiate or reject the highest offer.

An offer is a binding agreement and a seller can legally pursue a non-performing offeror.

Be sure to contact us if you have questions on the offer process.

Attention Winning Offeror

If you are the winning offeror:

Our sellers agent will contact your agent to discuss your offer to determine the total price the seller will receive. The Highest Offer does NOT mean you have an accepted contract. Once we have discussed the terms of your offer and the seller accepts your offer, your agent MUST submit a signed purchase agreement to the seller within the time specified in “sale terms and conditions”.

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